New formats for new media!

2470media is a production studio for multimedia storytelling based in Berlin, Germany. We are writers, photographers, film makers, graphic designers, editors, motion designers, software engineers and economists - just as eclectic as our products are.

We believe that new media need new formats. Therefore, at 2470media, we develop new narrative concepts for New Media, agencies and photographers as well as for NGOs, charity and for dedicated enterprises, and help journalists develop and publish their own projects in the realm of multimedia.

Our work has been awarded, among others the Golden Eye Award in the 2014 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest, the 2012 Grimme Online Award, and, in 2010, the Deutscher Reporterpreis.

For information on our multimedia storytelling workshops, go here. For info on our corporate work (in german), please visit this page.

And at any time: Feel free to contact us.