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A Woman's Goal


After the War

South Africa - Soccer for Life

Escape from Tibet

Tibet - Talking Photography

Silent Night


The Country Singer

2:45 min

The Hobo


Then I Became a Muslim

Germany - Then I Became a Muslim

Then I Became a Muslim

Germany - Then I Became a Muslim


Taking A Closer Look

Look that certain bit closer, but don't lose your distance - this can be called both the principle and the aim of 2470media. It is also what our eponym, the 24-70mm photographic lens, stands for: It is the lens we use mainly for our reportages. It is the tool by which we see the world. We would not want to miss it even if we were stranded on a desert island.

In our multimedia features, we concentrate mainly on current social issues. We commented on the conflictuous life of German islam converts. We highlighted new forms of working that could influence the working environment of many in the not-so-far-away future. In our long-term project "berlinfolgen", we searched for the people and the stories that, together, make up for Berlin. In 2010, we took a look behind the scenes of the soccer World Cup in South Africa and saw that for many in the country, this major event had not been the big party we saw on TV.
Our focus in storytelling always lies on humans and the humane. This is what all our stories have in common.

To distribute our products, we use social media publishing and work with partners in the press as well as the economy. And to fund these products, we keep searching for new solutions - crowdfunding is just one possibility.

And last, but not least: What we do is not set in stone. We love to debate on content! So comments, suggestions, different points of view: Yes, please!